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We're a great party band with a loyal following.  If you like to dance — then come join us!  We are unique in that the makeup of the band and strong vocal ability allows us to play a variety of music from motown or ‘new’ country to new top-40 dance, including popular 70s, 80s & 90s dance music.  Let us add a little fun to your weekend!

We’ve Got You Covered

The TRIXX Band can accommodate all of your musical needs. Whether your event is a WEDDING or in a PRIVATE CLUB, BAR or CORPORATE setting,
“We’ve got you covered.                                             

True Facts                               

The TRIXX Band originated  in 1985  playing  popular  cover  songs  to  a  loyal following  of  friends  and  family. Our  ever  expanding  versatility  enables  us  to perform as a 3-piece band with the orchestration you'd expect when you hear your favourite songs played. The TRIXX Band is definitely your perfect and preferred  entertainment of choice for any event!

Pride and Performance

The TRIXX Band has always prided ourselves with producing a quality sound by using the latest equipment and technology available. We also provide a great visual show in regard to lighting no matter the size of the venue.  But most importantly, the energy emitted by our performance will keep you up dancing all night long.  Our combined musical experience, vocal ability and great song choices have lent to our continued  popularity over the years. 

A Personal Touch

The TRIXX Band is a band that can also cater to your particular event in that with advance notice and planning we can personalize our performance by offering a select song choice or two.


Once upon a time ..... this is how we met and eventually became the TRIXX Band 



the TRIXX Band (not exactly as shown)

... The end of an era has come as our beloved John Wood passes along the TRIXX Band name to long time band-mates *Don & Carole - he leaves the band Jan. 30, 2010.  We still feel that it is important to tell you about John because we wouldn't have come together without him.  Thanks JW for guiding us for so many years!  We love you as a friend and TRIXX Band Family member and we respect you for your talent.  We also give you a standing invitation and will welcome you as our guest on stage whenever you feel like getting your groove on!  Don and Carole

Let's start with our founder ... John Wood (Bass, Sax & Vocal)                                             John had been forming his own bands since his first musical experience in the hugely successful band "The COUNTDOWNS". From 1966 - 1969 the Countdowns' members, with their great vocal and musical stylings were the rage of the era! And just like the more famous bands of the day they had it all, right down to the matching coloured suits! They were a band to be reckoned with and John learned alot. This band had a great sound, great talent, while looking sharp! John would make sure that any of the bands he'd put together in the future would have alot to offer too. The original TRIXX BAND was formed in the mid 1980's. After years playing and travelling with the very popular disco era band "CHIC", John settled back into the Windsor/Essex music scene and formed the TRIXX BAND while he attended school to attain an engineering degree. (Way to go John! Always a leader!)  

We'll miss you John ... but as I write this I'm actually smiling because I know that you'll always be a part of this band be it as a guest or in forever in our hearts.

Don (Leader, Guitar, Vocal, Musical Arrangement and Sound)                  Eventually, Don joined the band in '89. John originally tried to talk him out of it stating that perhaps Don may not be ready for such a change in repertoire and club atmosphere after just coming out of a couple of the hottest groups in the city; "BARRELHOUSE & The PLAYER'S BAND." The Player's Band had ruled the west side for years through the mid to late 1980's. (You'll remember them as the house-band at Tune-Ups. Don, not only the fabulous guitar player that we know and love, was a successful entrepreneur owning and managing the Tune-ups Bar. While carrying on the nightclub business, Don took care of musical arrangements and lead the Player's Band to their success. The Tune-ups venue, Don will tell you matter of factly, " Always guaranteed him a place to play!" Another highlight for The Player's Band was opening for Aretha Franklin in Detroit, MI.)

In contrast, the TRIXX gigs were at Legion halls and local clubs in Essex County. Although the material varied greatly to what Don was used to playing, Don was enthusiastic and loved the change. Always a "Player" no matter the band! And man can he tweak that sound! Don takes over as new Band Leader Nov./09

Carole (Lead Vocalist)
Answered an ad in the paper to audition in early 1990. Again, while interviewing, John tried to talk her out of it. Saying... (you guessed it) that the TRIXX Band material didn't suit what she was used to playing let alone that the atmosphere was totally different as well especially after being in one of the most successful rock 'n roll groups in the city. "REFLEX" was at the top of the heap playing heavy metal danceable rock throughout the early '80's, playing in all the "A" rooms in the city/county and travelling to play in Detroit, MI. and Sarnia, ON. on a regular basis. She also sang for CONCRETE JUNGLE in 1990, another heavy metal band! John remembers her audition like it was yesterday. He pictured a rocker in leathers maybe even riding in on a bike and to his surprise, along came Carole, driving a mini-van, and nicely dressed in a mini skirt. He recalls how nervous she was with her lyric page shaking in her hand, clenched tightly, desperate not to drop it. It didn't take long to make a decision, a little Patsy Cline and Bette Midler and she settled into the groove. Carole became their new vocalist. She too loved the change of material and singing alongside the fabulously talented Gene Davis (Keys and Vocals). Inspite of their different backgrounds the band jelled and this version of the TRIXX Band played up tempo dance music through the end of Feb. '95 (with the most talented Al Hughes on drums ('93-'95).

They enjoyed a house gig at the Ottawa Tavern from Jan '94 til Jan '95 filling the house with friends and family every weekend. Truly one of the band's best years! John, Carole, Don & Al continued to play in different bands until reuniting again early in 2002. This is when...

John "Bo" (Drummer, Lead Vocalist)
joined. The audition call went out once again when the band found themselves without a second lead singer which had been the format they had enjoyed in the past. John having recently played (Drums & Vocals) in the band "JUMPER" came highly recommended to the rest of the band by John W. Of course the audition went well and John came onto the scene while we were working at the RCL #143 joining mid way through the gig! What a guy! Johnny on the spot! And a fine job too we might add! John L. started his musical experiences with "THE JETS" winning a battle of the bands event in 1974! Highlights of his playing career include the following very successful bands that played around bars in the city/county for years: "The MOVIES" (5yrs), "JUMPER" (10yrs) and "10 to ONE". Fortunately for us, when Al (Drums) left the band, we didn't miss a beat. John L. left the front of the stage to take on the responsibility of both Drums and Vocals.

Again, this version of the TRIXX Band is fortunate, having talented musicians and building on lasting friendships. More importantly, the best part of this story is YOU! You come to listen... visit... dance and celebrate life...with the band. Thanks for all your support throughout the years! The Best is yet to come!

Best Regards, Carole, Don & John


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The TRIXX Band, Hallowe'en @ the Knights of Columbus

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